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Group Meet Photo Download

Click on the links below to be redirected to various Google Photos albums. You may download the pictures and/or videos taken at our Group Meets and other events for personal use only. Please be mindful and do not share the links with people or organizations not affiliated with `A`ALI`I Mentoring. Mahalo!


2023-12 AM Pickleball Clinic #2

2023-12 AM3 Mentee-Only session

2023-12 AM3 Stress Strategies/Holiday Group Meet

2023-12 Alumni MeetUp

2023-11 AM3 Career Exploration Group Meet

2023-1AM Pickleball Clinic

2023-10 AM3 Mentee-Only session

2023-10 AM3 Personal Finance Group Meet

2023-09 AM3 Mentee-Only session

2023-09 AM3 Time Management Group Meet 

2023-09 Alumni MeetUp

2023-08 AM3 Orientation Kick-Off

2023-08 Kama`aina Career Connect event

2023-07 Alumni Mentee/Mentor Summer Pics

2023-05 AM2 End of Year Group Meet

2023-04 1st Annual Pickleball FUNdraiser Round Robin Mixer

2023-03 AM2 Career Readiness Group Meet

2023-02 AM2 Interpersonal Communication Group Meet

2023-01 Mentor Appreciation Brunch

2023-01 AM2 Community Service Group Meet


2022-12 AM2 & AM1 Holiday Group Meet

2022-11 AM2 Career Exploration Group Meet PLUS AM2 &AM1 Mentee Only

2022-10 AM2 Personal Finance Group Meet

2022-09 AM2 Mentor training debrief & Pau Hana

2022-09 AM2 Mentor Debrief & Pau Hana

2022-09 AM1/AM2 Service & Hawaiian History Group Meet

2022-08 AM2 Orientation Kick-Off

2022-08 AM2 Orientation (additional photos)

2022-05 AM1 End of Year Group Meet

2022-04 AM1 Personal Finance/Investing Group Meet

2022-03 Mentor Open House

2022-03 AM1 Career Readiness Group Meet

2022-02 AM1 Interpersonal Communications Group Meet

2022-01 AM1 Service Group Meet


2021-12 AM1 Holiday Group Meet

2021-11 AM1 Career Exploration Group Meet

2021-10 AM1 Personal Finance Group Meet

2021-09 AM1 Service & Hawaiian History Group Meet

2021-08 AM1 Orientation Kick-Off

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