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ʻŌlelo Noeau 507:
"He ʻaʻaliʻi kū makani mai au; ʻaʻohe makani nāna e kulaʻi"

I am a wind resisting ʻaʻaliʻi, no gale can topple me over.

The `a`ali`i is a hardy native plant revered for its resilience and beauty. `A`ali`i are known for thriving in adverse conditions and in a variety of elevations and environments. Our goal is for our Mentees to embody the strength of the `a`ali`i, confident in their ability to thrive.


Our Mission

A`ALI`I Mentoring aims to foster and cultivate mentoring relationships that support Hawaii’s young adults from under-resourced communities. With mentoring, young adults can persevere and reach their post-secondary educational, career and personal aspirations.

Mission 2.0

Our Vision

We envision a Hawaii where all young people have broader educational and career options; where their greater economic stability and personal fulfillment lead to the narrowing of Hawaii’s socioeconomic divide; and where their contributions and leadership positively impact their communities and the state of Hawaii.

Vision 2.0

Our Values

Respect, Resilience, Resourcefulness, Authenticity, and  Collaboration are the values that drive our mission and actions.

Values 2.0
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