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`A`ALI`I Mentoring's (AM) 10-month core program emphasizes establishing a close mentoring relationship through one-to-one connections. In addition, purposeful group cohort activities (known as Group Meets), offer a broader support system. Program features include the following: 


  • One-to-one mentoring, in-person

  • Group cohort mentoring, in-person

  • Group Meet workshops, in-person, including personal finance, career exploration and readiness, and interpersonal skill development

  • A source for volunteer, intern, and work opportunities

  • Scholarship opportunities of up to $1,500 upon successful completion of program

After completing the program, Mentees are encouraged to stay connected via AM Alumni Meet Ups. New this academic year 2023-24, the first Alumni Meet Up was launched in the fall of 2023. Open to all Mentees and Mentors who have completed the core 10-month program, these quarterly meetings are educational and social with interactive activities, featuring topics focused on young adulthood needs and include a meal. The Alumni Meet Ups are intended to enhance the bonds developed during the first-year program, build new connections with Mentors and Mentees from other cohorts, and serve as an overall supportive career and personal network within the AM ohana. It is also important for AM to stay connected to the Mentees over the years to learn how the mentorship program impacted mentees’ ability to complete their higher education degrees. 

After the success of the pilot program (see "Our Impact" page), AM introduced a Year 2 program for returning Mentees that was launched in September 2022. Based on our most recent assessment and feedback from the alumni participants, AM will be pivoting to the Alumni Meet Up format that better meet the needs of the Mentees and Mentors.

Our Goals

`A`ALI`I Mentoring's main program goals for AM Mentees are as follows:

  • Enhance academic performance and persistence

  • Increase retention and graduation rates in post-secondary education

  • Encourage career exploration and open careers pathways

  • Improve leadership/interpersonal skills and self-confidence

  • Expose young people to a broad range of perspectives approaches to life

  • Develop life-long connections with peers and professionals in the community

Our Goals
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