In-person interaction is a key principle of `A`ALI`I Mentoring's program. With face-to-face connections combined with purposeful activities, Mentees and Mentors can establish meaningful relationships that support the Mentees' journey. The program features include:

  • One-to-one mentoring

  • Group cohort mentoring

  • Group workshop topics include personal finance, career exploration and readiness, and interpersonal skill development.

  • Resources for volunteer, intern, and work opportunities

  • Scholarship opportunities

Our Goals

`A`ALI`I Mentoring's main program goals are to:

• Enhance academic performance and persistence

• Increase retention and graduation rates in post-secondary education

• Open career exploration and pathways

• Improve leadership/interpersonal skills and self-confidence

Pilot Program

A pilot program was launched in August 2021

with a cohort of 7 Mentees and 7 Mentors. 


Our Mentees were selected from the Lunalilo Scholars Program at Kapiolani Community College, Lawakua Kajukenbo Club, and the PUEO program at Punahou School. Currently, four are at KCC, two are at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, and one is on a gap year.


Our volunteer Mentors joined `A`ALI`I Mentoring from a variety of professions, including, business, education, engineering, healthcare, hospitality, law, military, and social work. They participated in mentor training prior to the orientation to become versed in our mission and the program. Because of their diverse backgrounds, our Mentors have a wide range of perspectives and resources that they can share with Mentees.

The aims of the pilot are to test and refine `A`ALI`I Mentoring’s unique programming and confirm the positive impact of the program, specifically that:

  1. Mentoring relationships enhance academic performance and persistence.

  2. Mentoring relationships help a young person explore and prepare for a variety of career pathways.

  3. Group program activities, including personal finance, career readiness, and interpersonal development help young people navigate adulthood with more knowledge and confidence.

  4. Mentees and Mentors find the experience mutually valuable and rewarding.

Mentee Testimonials

“Appreciate everything that this mentorship offers and provides for us mentees, absolutely life changing!”


“I enjoyed hearing from successful people and people who have been through similar things as us in young adulthood. It was comforting to know that people have been where I am now and that not everyone has everything figured out."


“… very helpful for me especially when navigating through my life because I don't necessarily have an adult figure that I can turn to about these things to get advice.”

Mentor Testimonials

“It has been surprisingly rewarding to be able to talk through things … with her, and to see sparks of satisfaction, confidence and relief in her.”

“It was great to have the opportunity to talk to each of the mentees and learn more about them and their future career goals. Hopefully I was able to share some insight and life experiences that helped them.”