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Our Impact

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While it is still early to measure the full impact of `A`ALI`I Mentoring's program, AM's pilot cohort of seven Mentees shows early positive outcomes aligning with our goals:

  • Program Completion: 100% completed the 10-month program

  • Retention: 100% re-enrolled at KCC or UH; one gap year AM1 Mentee re-enrolled for KCC's Fall 2022 semester

  • Mentoring Relationship Strength86% (6/7) continue to engage/meet/connect with their Mentors after the end of Year 1 program

  • Year 271% (5/7) participation in the pilot Year 2 program

2021–22 Pilot Program Summary


  • Launched in August 2021, completed in May 2022

  • 7 Mentees: 5 female and 2 male, ages 18–20

  • 7 Mentors: 6 female and 1 male, ages 50–60

  • Mentees selected from: Lunalilo Scholars Program at Kapiolani Community College, Lawakua Kajukenbo Club, and the PUEO program at Punahou School

  • Mentors’ career backgrounds: business, education, engineering, healthcare, hospitality, law, military, and social work

The pilot's aims were to test and refine AM's unique programming and confirm its positive impact, specifically that:

  • Mentoring relationships enhance academic performance and persistence

  • Mentoring relationships help young people explore and prepare for a variety of career pathways

  • Group program activities, including personal finance, career readiness, and interpersonal development help young people navigate adulthood with more knowledge and confidence

  • Mentees and Mentors alike find the experience mutually valuable and rewarding

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