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Nancy Kim

Communications and PR Manager

Nancy is a first generation Korean-American, born and raised in New Jersey/New York City, and graduated with a B.A. in Psychology and Environmental Studies from Lehigh University (LU).  As a United Nations (UN) Partnership college ambassador, she was involved with coordinating, leading, and organizing events related to UN, with the goal of exposing students to international, interdisciplinary, and modern day concerns. It is Nancy's passion to enlighten others about unconventional perspectives and help them adjust to our ever changing world.


While at LU, Nancy was also involved in the Mentoring Collective and the Eco-Rep Leadership Program mentoring incoming first-year students as well as new Eco-Representatives joining the program. She learned about how important and beneficial mentor-mentee relationships can be, and how good guidance can make a difference in growth and experience a mentee can have. She is excited to be a part of the ‘A’ALI’I Mentoring team and to make a positive and meaningful impact on the community.


Nancy enjoys going to the beach, trying new foods, playing video games, taking her dog to the park, and finding places to explore. She loves to learn about new trends, topics, and hobbies.

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